Raising awareness of the SafeZone App through social media advertising

As part of the Safer Streets Canterbury campaign, residents, students, and visitors can download the SafeZone app to seek help when in the city.

The SafeZone app is a safety tool that allows people to quickly contact or summon assistance if they feel unsafe or need police or medical assistance. The App has four buttons which can be used when out socialising or working in the city. Red for an emergency that goes straight to 999, green for first aid, blue for non-emergency assistance and yellow for links to wellbeing support.

To make the Canterbury community aware of the app, Facebook and Instagram adverts were launched detailing how the app can help and where to download it.

Download the app here: https://saferstreetscanterbury.com/projects/safe-zone-app/

The advertising campaign ran from 26th September – 9th October 2023 and the results were as follows:

Impressions: 87,717
Reach: 30,389
Total clicks on the advert: 1,677
Link Clicks: 550
Click through rate: 1.91%

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