A highly visible deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour

Police Operations

The Home Office Grant, recently awarded to Canterbury, has made provision for funding additional Police Operations, specifically focused on supporting a Safe Night out in the City.

The Ancient Cathedral City of Canterbury is a vibrant jewel in Kent’s Crown. It supports a wealth of local businesses, restaurants and bars, which are enjoyed by the local residents and visitors alike. Notably the city is also a proud student centre, with the universities here adding to the millions of visitors and tourists that travel here every year.

The Police Operations supported by Safer Streets funding ensures that Police can patrol the city centre to provide a highly visible deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour while supporting the other schemes that form part of this initiative to give everyone in the city a Safer Night Out.

Canterbury Community Safety

Canterbury Community Safety Unit strives to work with all partners within Canterbury District and will work together to address the key community safety priorities for the district, identifying the shared objectives and outcomes required to improve the safety of those who live and work here.

Whilst enforcement of the law will always play a major part in community safety, much can be done to prevent problems before they arise and a great deal of effort is devoted to supporting and safeguarding vulnerable people and their families, tackling issues of substance misuse, improving road safety, enhancing quality of life and developing community resilience.

Policing today is complex and multi-dimensional. At all levels it requires careful but sometimes incredibly speedy judgements to be made in situations that are at best ambiguous, and at worst, highly conflictual. Assessing risk, and its attendant consequences, is now a key component of policing.

Meeting the demand of the Community is a huge challenge but one that officers of all ranks and staff relish. Public expectations of Kent Police are rightly high, and we are rigorously held to account for the service we provide.

The long-standing attitude and philosophy of British Policing centres on the established principle of “policing by consent”. Trust and confidence in the Police is something that as a force, Kent Police pays significant attention to and in particular, building greater awareness and responses to the topic of Violence Against Women and Girls.

Getting to learn more around experiences and understanding behaviour is something that Kent Police are investing time and resources into and the work conducted and planned around this is something that we plan to build upon moving forward.



Kent Police are committed to engaging with communities. In the past this has been performed through meetings with community groups and resident associations. Technology has now come to the aid of those unable to commit to such events, by providing a messaging service that helps Canterbury residents, businesses and community groups to keep in touch with our officers.

My Community Voice is not simply a messaging service. It is a means of quickly and efficiently letting its users know about local issues while at the same time providing a means of reaching out to communities for help, support and views, working together to build safer neighbourhoods and reducing crime.

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