Providing places of safety for the public on a night out

Safe Havens

Safe Havens

As part of the Safer Streets funding from the Home Office and Connected Routes initiative, a number of organisations have agreed to offer a safe space for patrons of Evening and Night-Time Economy (ENTE). These are called Refuge Points or Safe Havens and offer a place of safety and temporary shelter to members of the public on a night out who may be in distress or feeling unsafe during the evening and night-time hours.

Currently there are 12 Refuge Points located across Canterbury, in various organisations ranging from 24-hour service stations, McDonald’s, transport providers, university and emergency service hubs.

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Safe Haven

Canterbury BID has created a much-needed Refuge Point in Whitefriars Shopping Centre, providing an additional safe zone right in the heart of the city centre, accessible via an intercom between the hours of 5pm and 5am. Additional protection is also provided in all Whitefriars areas by 24 hour monitored CCTV. Patrons will be let inside via the entrance by Boots or Tesco by Whitefriars Security, who will answer the intercom call. The refuge point will be manned by security staff, with the additional option of communicating with an individual in need by CCTV and intercoms to find out if further assistance is needed (i.e. call for a taxi, ambulance, police, call a friend or member of family).


The partners mentioned above will be disseminating information on these safety points through their own communication channels.